We, as the manufacturer, guarantee to the buyer and user all the rights established under Law 23/2003 of July 10 of Warranties in the Sale of Consumer Goods.

In addition, we guarantee to the purchaser and user the section that has its data contained in the Warranty Document, the repair of the device in case of damage due to a material or manufacturing defect, provided that it is intended for private use and has been handled correctly and as per the relevant instructions for installation, connection, commissioning, and operation. These repairs will be free, including the cost of replacement parts, the technical personnel labor, and the travel for the Official Service personnel to the user’s address, on presentation of the warranty and purchase documents.

This warranty corresponds with the minimum guarantee that we offer you as a manufacturer.

In order to be entitled to this warranty, it is essential to prove the date of reception of the product to the Official Service, showing the INVOICE or PURCHASE TICKET or the delivery note of the product and the installation manual stamped by the installer.


The period for the consumer to claim non-compliance is 24 months for new products, and 12 months for products purchased in second transactions and/or from exhibitions, from the delivery of the goods. If the goods are in non-compliance with the contract, the consumer can choose between repairing or replacing them, unless either of these is impossible or disproportionate.

For products delivered by Transport Agencies, the maximum term for claims will be 48 hours from the delivery.

The deadline for reporting any non-compliance is two months from the moment the buyer or user had knowledge of it.

This warranty is granted in favor of the buyer or user, provided that this is duly justified with an original invoice or purchase  ticket and delivery note, or delivery note of the device.

Read the user manual before using the product. Check with your doctor or specialist whether using it is convenient or not. Do not allow children to use it without the supervision of an adult.


The warranty excludes damage caused by breakdowns produced as a result of:

  • Breakage during transport and/or handling during installation.
  • Force majeure due to any atmospheric or geological phenomenon.
  • Chemical products or electrochemical reactions, in combination with the material and/or water, e.g. those produced from spilling liquids or materials on the product, due to water hardness and/or excess lime, excessive humidity.
  • Incorrect installation, not in accordance with local laws in force and the installation manual supplied with the goods.
  • Intervention or handling by non-authorized technical personnel or personnel not belonging to the Official Service, even if the intervention is or has been partial.
  • Damage caused by electricity, plumbing, masonry works, etc. Carried out when installing the device at the user’s home.
  • Tampering data appearing on the invoice, purchase ticket, or warranty document.
  • Use not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions or unconnected with the purpose of the product.
  • The uncommon use of the product in general.

The warranty DOES NOT COVER periodic maintenance operations such as cleaning in general and all those breakages arising from improper use, or forced use, of the product components.

The warranty DOES NOT COVER work expenses for removing the product for its repair and/or maintenance.
We recommended installing your products once the location for the supplied goods has been tiled and paved, to facilitate their maintenance operations, except for those where it is necessary for the subsequent assembly of the equipment or products.

These conditions apply to products installed in Spain, Andorra, and Portugal; if the product is installed in a different country, the warranty terms and conditions will be the strictly legal ones in that country.